The Night Jar

The Night Jar

It was the exquisite promise of a light star,
Why he tried to open that particular night jar,
Stuck, its lid sealed so tight, bar
An eclipse, she’d consumed both wide and far,

Afore, it rippled through webs of galaxies,
Gaily skipped beyond the breeze,
Elevated hummingbirds, grounded trees,
Space in snowflakes, liberty in the free,

Cradled your sleep, the solitude in alone,
Of infinite, nor never, the always and unknown,
Everything in a moment, elsewhere to now,
Transcended past echoes, unfound corners of around,

Then buried in deep pockets, a sentence in a jar
Where astral played, lost, and were discard-
Dead. A shout to whisper, plenty to blight,
Stars fell like tears, slowly diminishing light,

Infected with detachment, numbing its self-defence,
Born of a black hole, its depths boundless, immense,
‘Til stubborn seal slides by trial, offering vulnerable recompense,
And bursts forth with courageous starlight, reclaiming celestial innocence.