Knock Knock…who’s there?

‘Get your hands off my miscarriage!’

Series 2, Episode 1 of Fleabag. Since watching this a few days ago, I haven’t been able to shake that line out of my head. Reading it back in isolation, it seems a bit disturbing. But such is the skill of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s writing – a quasi-comedy delivery which tempers the impact, while simultaneously heightening its emotional poignancy. The potency of the (dark) humour in that scene is why I’m thinking about it still, days afterwards. It’s also why I’m considering writing a comedy myself, as well as inspiring this blog.

Laughter and laughing is a massive priority to me, and I think most people would agree with it’s emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits. That naturally extends to when we’re in ‘entertainment mode’, whether reading, watching a programme or a film; we seek out and appreciate laughter in those spaces too. When executed well, comedy truly elevates writing/a story into something immeasurably more gratifying. My sense of humour bends towards darker, obscure, satirical, situational, and character-based, and screenwriting offers a much richer and diverse landscape than fiction.

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