A #ClimateEmergency has been declared…now let’s hold them accountable


The swell of urgency around climate change since my last blog post has been stratospheric. Now a #ClimateEmergency has been declared in the U.K., perception is starting to shift and finally, hopefully, we can make significant national progress which will translate to the rest of the world.

When I started writing Adaptive Consequences about three years ago, I was inspired (in the worst possible way) by the horrors of the world’s destiny if we perpetuated our same behaviours.

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If it ‘aint broke don’t fix it…but what if it is?! Why are we so reluctant to stop Climate Change?


I’d like to live safe in the knowledge we’ve not completely fucked up the planet. I’m sure you would too, but, alas, the compounding evidence suggests otherwise. Though there are the deniers out there (some even run countries!), latest polling from YouGov confirms 70% of the UK agree the weather has changed in their lifetime. The reason for experiencing 20-degree heat in February and snow in March isn’t rocket science. Though I can’t deny I prefer sunny weather to dismal, my priority is an intact planet, thanks.

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