My Laptop

My laptop fosters new connections,

I snap my fingers and know it all,

In between processors and motherboards,

Conquered flags wave, saluting the world


My laptop’s an incubator of possibilities,

Midwife to millions of different stories,

Stillborn in years gone by, the tragedy,

Bereft of life, stolen soliloquy


My laptop’s a captain of industry,

Its noxious gases clog my lungs,

While Planet A chokes its last,

Social squares of empty promises


My laptop carries a mass disease,

Vaccines won’t halt its pathogens,

From click to swipe to tap to scroll,

Super-spreading its deadly likes


My laptop’s broken, and so am I,

The power feeds, but no sign of life,

I grieve, and sweat, resist Cold Turkey,

The machine must die, but it’s plugged into me.